Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Following

Facebook is an interactive way to stay connected with your friends, family, associates, and customers. If your organization isn’t already represented on Facebook, and you are an official representative (with authorization to make decisions about and for your brand), then having a Facebook Page can provide you with the visibility you need to keep your fan-base growing. Post statuses, videos, and photos, host an event, plus follow up to 5,000 people, without being limited in the number of followers you can have, and gain access to business-type tools that will show if your audience has viewed, shared, or mentioned your posts or Page with others.

Promote your Page:

  • Email or invite your personal Profile contacts and Group members to “like” your Page and recommend it to others. This will bring mention of your Page to your Facebook contacts’ newsfeeds, and increase the likelihood of their friends seeing your Page and taking an interest in it, too.
  • Advertise your Page’s link on promotional materials you hand out to customers. Post signage for everyone to see, so they will remember your Facebook presence and mention it to their friends.
  • Create customized paying Facebook Ads and boosted posts to promote your Page, website, or local business. Or, create a call to action for customers to go directly from your Page to your website.
  • Include your website on your Facebook Page and add a Facebook “like” button to your website. This way, not only will Facebook users easily find your website, but internet surfers typing in key words will find your website, and once on it will also be able to see and respond to the “like” button that will correspond with and take them to your Facebook Page.
  • Create Facebook posts and statuses that are both creative and engaging enough to stand out among all the other newsfeed content, so more people are drawn to what your Page has to offer them.

Remember, without promoting your Page, Facebook users won’t know you’re there. So the more you use the tools Facebook has to offer, the better you will reach your followers and meet their needs in timely ways.

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