Editing Tips

10 Simple Edits to Instantly Improve Your Writing

It’s one thing to say you are a writer. It’s another to be able to at your work with a critical eye and make edits. Whether you’re writing a blog, a newsletter, flier or brochure, what you write needs to be clear and concise if you want to hold your readers’ attention. Your first few sentences Read more about 10 Simple Edits to Instantly Improve Your Writing[…]

WordPress 5.0

Big changes are coming to WordPress in 2018

For those who don’t know, the ‘creators’ of WordPress kicked off the Gutenberg project earlier this year. From what I’ve seen in the beta version, the WordPress editor is about to get a makeover, and the changes are significant. Now is a good time for small businesses and others with WordPress websites to prepare for Read more about Big changes are coming to WordPress in 2018[…]

Your Site Secure

Avoid the ‘Not Secure’ Warning in Google Chrome

If you haven’t switched your site over to https, you’re going to want to start. In October, Google Chrome started sending out security warnings that flag non-https sites, if the site has a text input field but it isn’t delivered over a secure network. What does this mean? Basically, a “Not Secure” warning will be Read more about Avoid the ‘Not Secure’ Warning in Google Chrome[…]

Need More Likes

Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Following

Facebook is an interactive way to stay connected with your friends, family, associates, and customers. If your organization isn’t already represented on Facebook, and you are an official representative (with authorization to make decisions about and for your brand), then having a Facebook Page can provide you with the visibility you need to keep your Read more about Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Following[…]

Let's GO!

Marketing Ideas using Pokémon Go

Ok, I admit it… I’m somewhat of a geek! Have been told that for years. So I couldn’t hold off any longer from experimenting with the latest rage right now – Pokémon Go. This app presents some interesting marketing opportunities for local businesses. The game is basically an ultimate scanvenger hunt where players walk around Read more about Marketing Ideas using Pokémon Go[…]

Writing an About Us Section

How to Write an “About Us” Page for Your Website

Does your organization have a new or existing website? Then don’t overlook the development and maintenance of your About Us page when planning your marketing strategy. It might seem like just a small section of text, but it’s one of the first places new visitors will go to when they arrive on your website, and Read more about How to Write an “About Us” Page for Your Website[…]

Social Media Updates

Social Media Updates

2016 has seen a rise in people and businesses seeking more ways to connect with others, using videos and chats to share what they know and learn in rapid succession. Social media continues to play a significant role in how this is done, with apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram creating new improvements to make Read more about Social Media Updates[…]

Does Your Business Needs a Social Media Strategy?

Social media is here to stay. Today’s consumers are comfortable with shopping online, as well as interacting with their favorite brands on social networks. This alone can be a reason why your business needs to have a social media presence. However, along with that online presence, your company needs to approach social media strategically. And an important Read more about Does Your Business Needs a Social Media Strategy?[…]

YouTube for Business

5 Tips on Using YouTube for your Business

Have you thought about starting a YouTube channel for your business? It’s fairly easy, not complicated and a great way to find more customers. Here are five (5) tips on how to get started and make it easier for your customers to find your content. Create and customize your business channel. Choose a short, descriptive channel name Read more about 5 Tips on Using YouTube for your Business[…]

Facebook Dislike Button

Facebook “Dislike” Button

On Sept. 15, 2015, Mark Zuckerberg announced that a Facebook “dislike” button (or something similar to it) will be coming to an Internet browser near you. During a live stream event, Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook has resisted creating a “dislike” button as a companion to its “like” button, fearing it would sow seeds of discontent Read more about Facebook “Dislike” Button[…]