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What the heck is a chatbot?

Let’s Chat About the BotsIf you are on Facebook, chances are you are using Facebook Messenger. And chances are you too have encountered a chatbot over the past few years. So what exactly is a chatbot? It is a computer program which can simulate a...

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10 Simple Edits to Instantly Improve Your Writing

It’s one thing to say you are a writer. It’s another to be able to at your work with a critical eye and make edits. Whether you’re writing a blog, a newsletter, flier or brochure, what you write needs to be clear and concise if you want to hold your...

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Avoid the ‘Not Secure’ Warning in Google Chrome

If you haven’t switched your site over to https, you’re going to want to start. In October, Google Chrome started sending out security warnings that flag non-https sites, if the site has a text input field but it isn’t delivered over a secure network. What does this...

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5 Tips on Using YouTube for your Business

Have you thought about starting a YouTube channel for your business? It’s fairly easy, not complicated and a great way to find more customers. Here are five (5) tips on how to get started and make it easier for your customers to find your content. Create...

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